“Decentralized crypto-currencies such as Bitcoin have the potential to help humanity take a jump to the next level of development – but only if we push their potential past current boundaries.”


In order to do acheive this:

  • These new currencies must not only rely on current centralized monetary system players accepting them, trading them and regulating them in and out of their fast-failing machine.
  • They must not only be used for the same types of transactions fiat currency is used for.
  • They must not only be used and accepted by people who are stuck working, producing and operating inside current social and political structures.

Instead, these new currencies – starting with Bitcoin – must be stretched to their limits by using them, developing them and living them to the edge – and then past the edge – of our current understanding of what “money” is for.

With this in mind, we are setting out to create a physical location where our family, and a small group of cutting edge individuals can live and work together to explore these possibilities as freely as possible.

The Coinstead will be a place where crypto-currencies can be intentionally and specifically used “in-person” to create and test new technologies, new ways of producing and consuming, new social structures and new lifestyles with the goal of improving the human experience.

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Coinsteading.com Bitcoin Address: 15PYiP8WcpwvMeG9zLjTYXwPwPpHatv7B7

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